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CLAMPIT is an innovative new project, funded by the European Commission. This project aims to develop a high-end decision supporting system that helps metalworking SMEs carrying out welding work to increase their efficiency by automatizing clamping design calculations. The CLAMPIT software will be able to give an optimum process sequence, optimal clamping points and forces and it will calculate input data for the innovative LSND technology.


In order for us to develop software beneficial to your organisation, we would greatly appreciate 5 minutes of your time to complete this short survey.


Closing date for entries is 18 January 2013 online entries at:

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Privacy Statement:  Any information collected when you respond to this survey will not be used in any way by CLAMPIT, other than using it for the system specification and presenting it to European Commission. Your email address will not be shared or sold to others. It will not be used for any Marketing purposes, and you will not receive any email from CLAMPIT unless you specifically ask for information. We will not keep track of your IP address.

Company profile
1 Industry sector
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2 Business activity
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3 How many employees does your company have?
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4 How many years have you been operating?
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5 Is your company involved in research and development activities?
IT related questions
6 Do you use 3D CAD data in your day to day business?
7 What percentage of your projects (including past projects) are supported by 3D CAD data?
Choose one of the following answers
8 What CAD drawing extensions can you modify?
Check any that apply
9 What CAD drawing extensions can you open?
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10  What is the most common file extension of the CAD drawings that you receive from your customers?
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11 Do you use any software that helps to place clamps? If yes, please include name.
Operation and technology related question
13 How many different products do you produce annually?
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14 What is an average batch size in your production?
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15 Is distortion after welding a problem in your production?
18 How do you minimize distortion?
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19 What are your average costs involved to correct distortion (Percentage of fabrication costs)
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20 Do you use any modular clamping system in your manufacturing process?
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21 What type of clamps do you use the most frequently?
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22 What is the average time needed to prepare a clamping design plan?
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What types of welding technologies do you use? (Please, fill in the table below.)


  Manual Semi-automatic Automatic/robotic No answer
Electroslag welding
MIG/MAG welding
TIG welding
Plasma arc welding
MMA / Stick welding
Electron Beam
24 How many different welding processes do you use during manufacturing of a product?
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25 What is your most commonly used joint configuration?
Check any that apply
26 What is the average number of welds in your components (round the average to the nearest integer if needed)?
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27 What is the average length of the welds (continuous or stitch)?
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28 What parent materials do you weld? (tick more than one option if necessary)
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29 What material thickness do you usually use?
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30 What accuracy of fit up do you use for welding?
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31 Any additional comments:
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36 Please tick this box if you would like to be informed of the project progress and receive invitations to exhibitions and demonstrations of the finished product.